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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Kanda Bhaji/ Khekda Bhaji

Now non veggies.. I am sorry to disappoint you.. This is not a dish with crabs.. Don’t expect that from a vegetarian cook :) These are bhajis made from onions (Kanda) bhaji.These are crunchy dumplings prepared using besan and onion.
There’s a historic fort in Maharashtra, Pune City called Sinhagad fort.. It is a major tourist attraction and is famous mostly for the Khekda bhaji served there. :-)

Once I got a chance to ask the lady over their why it’s called so… She explained me that when they make these bhajis the onions take whatever shape they want which mostly resemble like a Khekda (crab) as the thin onion slices come out from sides seem to be the crab’s foot and claws. The other reason that she told me was that these are as crunchy as fried crabs.
Kanda bhaji is mostly enjoyed on a rainy day at a roadside thela with a cutting chai and some friends to chat with. Hot bhajis just make the day so refreshing and enjoyable.. Yesterday it was raining heavily in evening so I planned to prepare a plate of hot kanda bhaji with a cup of tea :-)

Here is the recipe for you all of Sinhagad special Kanda Bhaji / Khekda Bhaji :-)

Serves: 2
Preparation Time: 15mins

1/2 cup Besan, 2 small Onions (thinly sliced), 3 tsp Red Chili Powder, 1 tsp Turmeric, 1 tsp coriander seeds powder, Salt to taste, Oil for frying and little Water.

1) Mix all the ingredients except besan. Mix it well.
2) Add Besan to above mixture and very little water. 3) Heat oil in a kadhai /pan.
4) Add the batter in batches (don’t add all at once).

5) Make bhajis such that onion slices are coated with the batter and there seem equal amount of batter and onion.
6) Deep fry in oil and drain excess oil-using tissues.
7) Serve hot with spicy chutney on a rainy day!! :)
Spicy Chutney Ingredients 1 finely chopped onion, 2 tsp red chili powder, 3 tsp oil, salt to taste
Mix all the ingredients well in one bowl and serve along with hot Kanda Bhaji :)


  1. One tip : U can use rice flour (tandulache pith) , that will make the bhaji crunchy :)

  2. why only rainy day

  3. Yes u can have it any time.. its all time fav.. only thing is in rainy season we get that mood when it's raining heavily outside so I have mentioned that..:-) Thanks for visiting my blog.. keep posting and also please write your name while positing so I get to know you. :-))

  4. Thanks Anjali My Hubby loves it and I learned it from U .
    It was raining heavily n I and My Hubby just had a memorable day with Kanda Bhaji n cutting Chai

  5. I was in search of the Maharashtrian Recipes while I got to know from my husband Naresh about your blog. Its awesome...!!! Itz very nice that you are nurturing the hobby of cooking in spite of your busy schedule. I am about to follow all the recipes as my husband is foodie. Thanks for all of them. Its nice to be connected with you.
    Mrs. Sayli Naresh Kavle

  6. namaste mam heartly and great thanks for ur receipe from me and my family we did try a lot for this our favourite kanda bhajis but only because of u it has became possible and it has really added joy in our mood thus we are your fan now

  7. Hello Mr. Prashant, Good to know that you and ur family loved the recipe. keep checking for new recipes. :) and keep posting the feedbacks :))

  8. Hey im a Puneri girl studying in Germany...im longing for home food most of the time and hence google for recipes. Your blog opens up everytime! And i love ur recipes cos they are simple and with little ingredients (there is not much Indian stuff available for cheap here!)
    Could u put up more yummy recipes with as few ingredients as possible!! :)

    1. hey hi-.. me too in germany from mumbai...nd here ezactly for the sam reason as you... :)

  9. Great recipe Anjali! They turned out awesome.

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    I have saved it for later!

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  11. we can make cabbage bhajji same like this